PBJust wanted to express my appreciation to J.W. Toups, Inc. about the great work you have done setting up our scanning system for observation cards. Since installation, the data tracking has been wonderful to use when retrieving information. Now, the time to develop presentations on a quarterly basis has been reduced by 7%, and not to mention that the cards are scanned are available within 48 hours to track immediate trends. Once again, thank you and your team of workers at J.W. Toups, Inc. for your excellent support.

- Fred Denham
NREMT-P, Field Environmental Coordinator, VTA Administrator

SuperiorWe have just completed a review of the eTracker scanning process, and everything is working great. We have had no trouble scanning both the large and small forms. Your staff gets the information posted to the portal quickly. As you know, there is nothing on the problem log, and we have not had to make a single call to report a problem. You have a real winner.

- Sanders Derise
General Manager QHSE - Marine Division
Superior Energy Services

GreenThis past month we rolled out the eTracker scanning process to our executive team and employees with great success. As you know, we now use your
system to track our BBSP cards, JSAs, Safety Meetings and HSE Audits in a fraction of the time it previously took. Most significantly, we can spot trends
and accurately disseminate critical HSE information to our numerous locations world wide in real-time. Finally, I am pleased to report that participation in these programs has risen considerably due to the capabilities of the system. Again, thank you and your dedicated team for the eTracker system and your continued support.

- Steven Langlinais
Corporate HSE Manager
Greene's Energy Group, LLC.

premireSince we incorporated the Pocket ToolBox and the eTracker scanning system, we have had more participation in our Safety Program in the 4th quarter of 2008 than in any 12 month period.

- James Graham
Safety Director
Premiere, Inc.

ceticoWe have recently purchased and installed the eTracker system from J.W. Toups. This system has eliminated tedious data entry which was very costly to us. The benefit of scanning the cards and receiving the data in an electronic format within 72 hours has accelerated the corrective action process, also allowing employees to realize the benefit of their participation. The technical team made it very easy to set up as well as assisting in creating customized charts and graphs that summarize safe and at risk categories. This system will pay for itself within 6 months and overall I know that we made a good decision in purchasing it.

- Jamie Jacobs
HSE Manager
CETCO Oilfield Services Company

TeraThe eTracker system is nothing short of a miracle.

- Leslie Breaux
Reception / Safety Support
Tetra Technologies, Inc.