Behavior Based Safety

eTracker provides incredibly fast data analysis. Within 24 hours eTracker gives you deep details on your safety trends so you know where to focus your energy.

Produce reports by

  • Division
  • Location
  • Craft
  • Employee

Today your data & reports are probably dated due to collection and processing time constraints. With eTracker you shift to an open system of timely data where any approved employee can access the needed information. For instance, a first-line field manager can log in, press a button and get the data relative to his location, crew and time frame so that he can discuss the specific data with his employees. A manager can click a mouse and in less than 1 minute, get a picture of the data, a full report, a PowerPoint presentation, and a custom-generated poster. With eTracker there's no need for admin assistance or a consult with your IT staff. eTracker is your safety solution made simple.

Work Samples

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