Competency Assessment Process

eTracker helps you meet government requirements in managing your employee competency assessments.

  • Virtually eliminate your paper files
  • Quickly produce helpful reports that have as much - or as little - data as you want.
  • Search by job position, physical location, by individual employee and more
  • Track each employee's progress in completing the competency modules.

Here's one way that eTracker can help:

Give each employee the competency modules in a pocket-sized booklet. As each module is completed, the form is scanned and can be returned to the individual. With this simple system, you will now be able to get reports by position, location, and individual. You can track who is ahead of schedule and who is falling behind. From anywhere you can print copies of each module for individuals with dates and signature of the assessor. A manager at any location can measure the progress weekly or monthly of all employees. Senior Management can measure which locations are effective and efficiently growing their human assets.

Work Samples

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