Imagine at the end of every day every worker could reflect and let you know what stopped him from doing his highest-quality and productive work for the day. What if this information could be analyzed overnight, ranked by impact by area, craft, etc., and presented to the foreman and superintendents in an Excel format in the morning? This is exactly what eTracker can do for your project. You can use the overnight functionality, which is revolutionizing safety on projects, to impact employee engagement on productivity. eTracker will allow you the ability to turn the energy and intellect of every employee into value.

eTracker allows you to:

  1. 1. Dynamically discover problems and weaknesses when and where they occur.
  2. 2. Solve these at the local level as quickly as possible.
  3. 3. Be able to leverage solutions, ideas, and innovations quickly across the entire company.
  4. 4. Be able to recognize and reward managers and workers who bring creativity to the forefront.

eTracker offers owners and contractors:

  • Unfiltered, first-hand information about how a project is moving. The flow of a project will determine its successful outcomes.
  • Timely notice of issues and problems that may jeopardize a project.
  • Ideas, insights and solutions that can be employed in other and future projects.
  • The ability to see safety and productivity patterns that point to organizational culture issues that require your attention.
  • A new three-way channel of communication that builds trust and gives you credibility: Worker - Contractor - Owner.

The cost of eTracker, which is minimal, is a small price to pay for these benefits. eTracker is a win-win for owners, contractors and workers that transforms the current paradigm that make these relationships adversarial. eTracker puts everyone on “the same team.”

Work Samples

Productivity Sample 1

Productivity Sample 2