How it Works

eTracker is a proprietary scanning system and software technology that works with off-the-shelf scanners and the forms you currently use for:

  • Behavior-based Safety
  • Near Miss
  • Hazard ID
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Training
  • Competency Assessment Tracking
  • And other forms of reporting.

eTracker is the next evolution in tracking safety data and shifting corporate culture.

Here's how it works:

  • Scan (up to 3600 forms per hour)
  • Send image file
  • Login to portal
  • Download data
  • Print report

No software to buy or install!
No IT support needed!

It really is that easy. Within 24 hours you can download from our secure server your proprietary reports, analysis, PowerPoint presentations and even preconfigured posters for the workplace.

Within 24 hours you get detailed, accurate and actionable information that flags where your safety issues are.

eTracker will enable an entirely new worker/management conversation because of the ease and speed of actionable data. This will cause a culture shift in your company by energizing the hearts and minds of the workers, building trust in the worker-management partnership and moving from the worker being the "bad apple" to being part of the solution.

eTracker will help Management create a process that motivates workers to be enthusiastic and part of the safety solution, not part of the safety problem.

In just seconds, anyone with authorization can access the eTracker online dashboard to see areas of concern and engage workers at the affected worksite.